Workshop on the Elements of Reasoning:
Objects, Structure, and Causality (OSC)

April 29, 2022, Virtual ICLR 2022 Workshop

Access the ICLR 2022 Virtual Site to attend the workshop (incl. live sessions, recordings, poster sessions). Registered ICLR2022 participants only.

Throughout the day of the workshop we will be livestreaming invited talks, contributed talks (orals), and a live panel discussion. We will also have two virtual poster sessions take place in GatherTown. The workshop adheres to to the ICLR Code of Conduct. Please contact the organizers with any concerns.

Invited/Keynote Talk, Contributed Talk, Poster Session, Other.

Time (GMT) Speaker/Moderator Title
8:00 Organizers Introduction and Opening Remarks
8:10 Bernhard Schölkopf Invited Talk: Towards Causal Representation Learning (+ 10min Q&A)
9:00 Funke et al. Oral: Disentanglement and Generalization Under Correlation Shifts
9:15 Seifert et al. Oral: Learning Fourier-Sparse Functions on DAGs
9:30 Organizers Poster Session 1 + Break
10:40 Qianru Sun Invited Talk: Invariant Learning from Insufficient Data (+ 10min Q&A)
11:20 Karl Stelzner Invited Talk: 3D Geometry: The Latent Variable We Can Touch (+ 10min Q&A)
12:00 Organizers Break
14:40 Nikolaus Kriegeskorte Invited Talk: Resource-rational vision: data, time, and space for perception and learning (+ 10min Q&A)
15:30 Rosemary Ke Invited Talk: From “what” to “why”: Towards causal deep learning (+ 10min Q&A)
16:10 Chang et al. Object Representations as Fixed Points
16:25 Zheng et al. On the Identifiability of Nonlinear ICA with Unconditional Priors
16:40 Organizers Poster Session 2 + Break
17:50 Alison Gopnik Invited Talk: Causal Learning in Children and Computers (+ 10min Q&A)
18:40 Organizers Panel Discussion (Nikolaus Kriegeskorte, Karl Stelzner, Sara Magliacane, Rosemary Ke, Sjoerd van Steenkiste)
19:40 Organizers Closing Remarks

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